Our trainers will help you build a safe and efficient workout plan to suit your fitness goals. All of our Personal Trainers meet nationally recognized certification standards for fitness by the American College of Sports Medicine, National Strength and Conditioning Association, and/or American Council on Exercise.


Tim Ennis

Personal Trainer(425) 883-6006

Tim Ennis started working in the fitness industry in 1984…

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Tim Howe

Personal Trainer – (425) 883-6006

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Allison McGill

Personal Trainer – (425) 883-6006

People say that when you make a living doing what you love it’s not really work…

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Terry Linde

Personal Trainer – (425) 883-6006

Terry has been involved in the fitness industry for over 30 years…

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Ryan Imamura

Personal Trainer – (425) 883-6006

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Tony Starr

Tony Starr

Personal Trainer – (206) 227-7160

Tony is nationally certified through National Academy…

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Bryce Malone (Coach B)

Personal Trainer  (509) 953-8481

Whether you are an adult looking to achieve better fitness, or…

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Coach Mihai

Personal Trainer – (425) 444-2729

With two degrees and eleven national certifications, Coach Mihai has…

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Nate Steoger

Personal Trainer – (425) 213-3911

Owner and Head Trainer of Good Time Fitness…

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John Reed

Personal Trainer  (425) 407-3135

John is a Certified Master Fitness Trainer with 4 years training experience…

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